Jeremy Clarkson

  • TV Presenter Writer, Journalist
  • Год и место рождения: 1960 UK
  • Состоит в браке
  • Дети: 3
  • За год: 806 418 399,00 ₽
  • За месяц: 67 201 533,25 ₽
  • За неделю: 15 508 046,13 ₽
  • За день: 3 101 609,23 ₽
Jeremy Clarkson

Telegraph Aug. 2015: "Host of new car show to earn £9.6 million a year, while Amazon Prime is reportedly spending £160m in total on 36 episodes over three years." Telegraph July 16 2013: Mr Clarkson was paid £8.4million for his stake in a joint venture with BBC Worldwide which exploits Top Gear's global brand, on top of a £4.86million divident payment. He was also paid £1million for his salary as a presenter. Telegraph 27 September 2012: Jeremy Clarkson is in line for a windfall of up to £15m because of BBC efforts to close the loopholes that lead to stars being overpaid. The broadcaster’s commercial arm, BBC Worldwide, has bought the Top Gear host out of Bedder 6, the controversial joint venture company they set up together in 2007, as part of a clamp down on complicated accounting practices designed to bolster star pay. Mr Clarkson will receive more than £10m for his share of Bedder 6, rising to £15m depending on its performance. Dailymail July 17, 2012: His dividends are thought to net him £2.7million and, in the past, the company has awarded him a ‘services’ fee of £350,000. On top of this, he receives a BBC talent fee of around £500,000, pushing his potential income to £3.5million. Dailymail 10 Jan.2012: Clarkson earned £2.14million from his Company Bedder-6, on top of his £1 million BBC salary. DailyMail 3 Jan. 2011:"Figures posted at Companies House, the official register of UK firms, show he made £854,000 from a business called Bedder 6 – owned by Clarkson, Top Gear executive producer Andy Wilman and BBC Worldwide – on top of an estimated £1million salary from the BBC."


Update: 2016-10